Coravin Model Eleven


BLACK FRIDAY 2018 SALE, r̶r̶p̶ ̶£̶8̶9̶9̶   now £600

The first automatic and Bluetooth connected Coravin Wine Preservation System.

To optimise the use of this model, it should be used in conjunction with the app.

Only Apple/iOS app available from the App Store


Model Eleven system including dedicated needle (not the same needle as Model 1 or 2)
6 Coravin capsules. For use with all Coravin Systems. (individual value £48)
Coravin aerator - Attach to the spout of any Coravin System. (individual value £70)
Display Base. (individual value £30)
Carry Case. (individual value £30)
6 Coravin Screw Caps - The Coravin Screw Cap allows people to pour and protect wines closed under screw cap for up to three months. 6 standard sizes, which fit 98% of screw top wine bottles. (individual value £30)

Total accessory value £208