Coravin Model Eleven


The first automatic and Bluetooth connected Coravin Wine Preservation System.

To optimise the use of this model, it should be used in conjunction with the app.

Only Apple/iOS app available from the App Store


Model Eleven system including dedicated needle (not the same needle as Model 1 or 2)
6 Coravin capsules. For use with all Coravin Systems. (individual value £48)
Coravin aerator - Attach to the spout of any Coravin System. (individual value £70)
Display Base. (individual value £30)
Carry Case. (individual value £30)
6 Coravin Screw Caps - The Coravin Screw Cap allows people to pour and protect wines closed under screw cap for up to three months. 6 standard sizes, which fit 98% of screw top wine bottles. (individual value £30)

Total accessory value £208