Hielo Ice Cool Wine Cooler


↑ Choose colour from drop down. ↑  SILVER / LIGHT GOLD / BLACK

Stops cool wine from warming up. Double walled aluminium, with no external condensation as the outer wall does not get cold. The black ring does not transfer the cold from the inner wall to the outer wall.

Measures 22cm tall. 12.5cm external diameter. 10.5cm internal diameter.

Will keep cool (approx.16°c) red wine cool without significantly lowering the temperature. Slows how quickly cool/cold wine warms up.

Will not cool warm wine down to service temperature.. The ice to volume ration means it stops wine warming up rather than making it significantly colder.

Takes 4 (3.5cm) or 5 (2.5cm) ice cubes which sit in the base, under, but not touching, the bottle. The whole cooler then quickly gets very cold.