Code38 P-Type Titanium X


An oxidised (by very high heat) blue colour body. Featuring a lightened skeletal body milled from a solid bar of pure Titanium. Typical weight 65g. Custom black TiCN (titanium) coated conical-tapered helix and blade.

The PRO X version (not this item) is formed of 403 grade stainless steel. Typical weight 100g.

Titanium X pushes all the boundaries in terms of both design, and production capabilities. The new slotted lifter is very carefully milled from a solid piece of Titanium and then finished and oxidised to the deep blue finish. The body is further lightened through milling of deep slots into the body which is quite a feat in this material. Cose38 can only achieve this level through the use the worlds finest machine tools, cutting oils, and processes, usually found only in the realm of aero space and medical.

The quality, durability, leverage, force and reliability are unsurpassed. The helix and knife are titanium coated 440C steel.

Each element is replaceable - screws can be tightened - the helix fulcrum/swing can be stiffened with tuning key. The helix is considered to be a consumable (replaceable at a cost). It is possible to bend it with excessive force and if the helix is not fully inserted into the cork. Always insert the helix fully into the cork. See image.

Thanks to careful R&D, the distance between lever and helix means that the cork is always pulled out straight and 2 steps are not needed. Sommeliers have reported reduced RSI.