2 x Winesave PRO Argon Wine Preserver


2 Cans of Winesave Pro - each aerosol can is packaged in a cardboard box.

An up to 150 uses (when used correctly) spray can of pure Argon that blankets over the wine in the bottle to keep open wine fresher for longer.

Priced for 2 cans including delivery to UK Mainland (additional charge to N.I due to courier pricing.)

The patented valve prevents the argon from escaping the can. Argon is denser and less reactive than nitrogen and cannot dissolve into the wine in the bottle over time. It creates an inert seal over the wine surface. The sooner you use it once you have opened the bottle, the longer the remaining wine will last.

We suggest pouring out what you want to drink into a small carafe and then immediately use the WineSave PRO.

You need a 1 second blast of gas into an open bottle before putting the bottle away for next time.